Paul D.

"During these past 4 years Charlie's exceptional training program has kicked the late middle age out of my body and given me a second shot at 40. I've never felt better physically, mentally, and maybe even spiritually. Now that's a top personal trainer for someone (Me) closer to 60 than to 50."

Bill V.

"Charlie is so good I drive over 30 miles to have him whip me into shape. He has been instrumental in helping me gain muscle strength, lose weight and increase athletic performance. And believe me, his personality, enthusiasm and creativity make me want to put in the "hard yards". I only wish I had more time to devote to training with him. He makes me want to be in the gym. And he makes me want to work hard. Charlie is simply the best."

Melanie S.

"He is so cooool....I thought I would never be in shape. I am so happy. He makes my workouts so much fun!"

Brandon W.

"Charlie is one of the best trainers you can get! If you want to see a difference in your body get Charlie as your trainer. He'll not only show you how to workout but he will also tell you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are not working out with him in the gym."

Erika S.

"I've had many trainers. But Charlie is the BEST! The difference between good and excellent is especially important when finding a trainer. Health and commitment to the gym is mental as well as physical, and he offers strength training for your mind and body. He is an essential part of my success."

Maureen M.

"Charlie is an amazing personal trainer!!! His wealth of knowledge and experience far surpasses anyone I have ever worked with before. He really loves training people and truly cares about his clients. His main motivation is helping people become their best selves. I'm so glad I found you, Charlie!!!"

Millie C.

I am so grateful to have Charlie as my personal trainer!  I found him through Thumbtack and I cannot be any happier.

Charlie values his work and it shows.  His attention to detail in meeting my goal is unmatched.  He is full of science and experience-based information that he applies towards my workouts and he wants to see the results as much as I do. I really appreciate his comprehensive approach, which involves him overseeing my daily nutritional intake and water hydration.  I train with him three times a week and it's been nothing but positive outcomes.

Keyi P.

Charlie is definitely the trainer you'd wanna workout with! He's very detailed about your training plan for each session, gives all instruction, protection and motivation you'll need, as well as diet and nutrition knowledge. Only after a few sessions I've already seen the Change on my body!

Susan N.

Charlie is THE BEST trainer out there! He knows how to work with your goals, your body type and your skill level. He offers insight that so many trainers overlook and maximizes your workout. He knows how to motivate you and he's extremely supportive. I love the results I'm having! And I feel safe in his capable hands. Do your body a favor and work with Charlie. 

Am W.

I found Charlie, on here after my close friend who was also my trainer passed away, and needed to find someone who gave me the same quality as he did. Charlie, works with my schedule, especially now that I'm in school. He is awesome to be around, he goes at my pace, I am lucky to have him. I will be a client of his for a long time. 

Louisa L.

Charlie is very attentive and clearly cares about making his clients comfortable. He listened to what I wanted and didn't oversell me. I'm looking forward to working with him!

Laura J.

In just a few sessions, Charlie has given me the energy and motivation to achieve my fitness and life goals. His customized workout plan has made exercising enjoyable and effective even in just s few sessions. I've found my trainer! Thank you Charlie!