Remote Personal Training session

  Purchase your Remote Personal Training session & schedule your appointment today to receive your  Call. 

You may be called to confirm or change the date & time of appointment. 

If there is a date and time that you would like  that is not on the calendar please call or text 323-377-5808 and ask if it is available.   

Each session up to 1 hour is done by Google Meet, Zoom, Duo or phone

Each personal training session will be conducted in the comfort of your own home or your designated area of fitness. To help with the smoothness of your training session please list your fitness equipment you would like to use during your session.     

If you do not have any equipment simply state "Body weight workout only". Prep your exercise area before your session. Meaning place your equipment for easy access. Practice lining up your camera phone or laptop to view your exercise area. 

You may need to move your camera a few times during your workout. So finding the best places for your trainer to view will enhance the quality of your workout.

Because of COVID-19 I am not able to use your prepaid sessions for this service. However I have Discounted the price of training and when normal gym training is available we can resume your prepaid sessions.

Remote sessions are purchased individually and based on schedule availability. Sessions must be purchased  and scheduled in advance VIA THE LINK BELOW